Born in1955, Hyderabad, India, painter and writer Sangeeta Reddy migrated to the United States in 1978 and continued her studies in art. Currently she maintains a studio on Santa Fe Dr. in Denver, Colorado and Hyderabad, India, dividing her time between the two. She has been represented by various galleries in Aspen, Denver, New York, New Delhi, Chennai and now, Hyderabad since the beginning of her 26 year career.

Sangeeta has lived and breathed the arts from a very young age – her maternal grandmother was a contemporary of the classical vocalist Kesarbai Kerkar, her grandfather a connoisseur of the arts. Steeped in music, her mother was one of the first disciples of the late Pandit Ravi Shankar. Her late father was a pictorial photographer who co-founded the Hyderabad Photographic Society. Sangeeta chose to follow her own path into the visual and literary arts.

With seven years of undergraduate work in fine art in India and the US, and a bachelor’s from Bombay University in English literature and Philosophy, in 1985, Sangeeta’s work has developed into a highly individual style of mixed media abstract expressionistic paintings and monotypes on both canvas and paper. The deconstructed calligraphy and vibrant and nuanced color ever present in her work gives the work the flavor of India in concert with a western restraint.

Known primarily for her mixed media collages on paper and canvas, her abstract work was conceived from a challenge to visually parallel Sankara’s idea of Brahman in Advait philosophy and has now evolved into a formal language of deconstructed Devanagari calligraphy. Her artistic influences range widely from Indian weaving and textiles to Van Gogh, Cezanne and Picasso (who were introduced to her at a very young age by her father’s interest in Western art), to her discovery (while studying in the US) of the Taos School of landscape painters as well as the Abstract expressionist painters, painters, in particular, Rothko and De Kooning, motherwell, Tapies and Diebenkorn.

With a baccalaureate degree in English Literature and Philosophy, Sangeeta has always been engaged in writing, but began to do so in a more co-ordinated manner since 1990 during a “painter’s block”. She has gone on to write fiction, several novels and a screenplay. A chapter from her first novel was anthologized in a prize winning collection of essays – “Sites of Insight – A guide to Colorado Sacred Places” edited by James Lough and Christie Smith. She has also published a short story “Ambu” in the literary magazine, Many Mountains Moving. She recently completed a screenplay “Jersey City, India!”, and is currently working on a novel version of the same.